Life in Schaumburg IL – What People Love about it

So, are you looking for some apartments to live in Schaumburg and you want to spend remaining days of your life there? Well, you should confirm it because apartments for rent Schaumburg IL are not easy to find because of the beneficial features of these apartments. But before you decide to rent an apartment or a house, you have to know the complete lifestyle and daily living of this place. It is necessary for you to understand where you are going and how you can improve your lifestyle by living there. This article is totally here to describe the life in Schaumburg so that you can decide if this place suits you or not.

What Kind of Job is Most Popular Here?

Living in Schaumburg is all about good living because rents here are high as compared to other communities in the United States of America. So, people want to have a great job here in Schaumburg because companies in Schaumburg pay higher than other communities. For example, Motorola headquarters in Schaumburg has already hired 7000+ employees and the total population here is 73000+ only. It means almost 10% of the total population works at Motorola headquarters. Many of those employees live in Schaumburg apartments and some live outside the community.

Similarly, there are other tycoons like IBM, Zunich North America, etc. which has their headquarters there and people from America love to grab a job there because it is very beneficial for their future regarding everything – From money to security.

Traffic Issues

We as Americans know how bad it is when we talk about traffic. Frustration, road blocks, rushes, etc. I mean everything needs to clarify if we want to solve the issues of Traffic here in America. Same is in the case of Schaumburg because traffic in the whole Chicago sucks and everybody knows it. But there are great train and metro transportation system that saves a lot of your time to travel wherever you want. Also, it provides you time to read your novels or anything like that.

Woodfield Mall

One of the great charms of Schaumburg land is the Woodfield mall that contains almost 285 restaurants and stores, and many of them are usually proper and popular worldwide brands. You can say that many shops are upscale. Living in Schaumburg is about living potentially because you can grab every kind of food, entertainment or every aspect of life enjoyment from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. It is a plus point that people love and want to stay there in Schaumburg.

Sports Awareness

One of the kinds of people loves to stay in Schaumburg and remain there forever because they love sports. Schaumburg has many sports fans there along with great teams. For example Hockey, local teams are very popular among their local fans. Also, when the season of sports like football and baseball starts, they devote most of their time watching it, getting heat, the debate about it and make a lot of fun of each other.


What you should know about Schaumburg IL before Getting an Apartment There

For those who are keen to live there in Schaumburg, it is important to understand what you should know about Schaumburg IL. From the premises to the living style, everything matters to us. So, it will be better for us to know about Schaumburg a little before getting apartments for rent Schaumburg IL. This article totally focuses on everything about Schaumburg IL so that you can learn if you can live there or not.

Suburbs of Schaumburg

First of all, you should know that Schaumburg is a village in the Cook County in the northeastern Illinois. The value of Schaumburg has increased because it is in the suburbs of Chicago – The most loveable and valued state. The other reason of this area to get value is the Golden Corridor where they find Gold mines, and now it has a huge part to build the economy of Illinois. These two reasons are well enough to make Schaumburg a popular place to live.

The geographical location of Schaumburg are also reasonable for residents because the O’ O’Hare International Airport is just in the 10 KM distance from Schaumburg, and the northwest of the Chicago Loop is just 28 KM away from there. So, in general, Schaumburg is a great place to live, and you can enjoy every premium feature of life by living there.


According to 2010 census, the population of Schaumburg is 74,227, but it has increased significantly since then. You can imagine this fact by knowing the number of people works in Schaumburg Motorola center. The number of employees in Motorola unit in Schaumburg is 7000, and most of these people live in Schaumburg because of the easy of transportation and living there.

Including these numbers of 7000, you can add 2500 employees in Zurich North America which is a Swiss insurance firm located in Schaumburg. There are many other top companies holding their headquarters there in Schaumburg including IBM computers. So, you can conclude from this information that Schaumburg is a great and wealthy place to live.

How Costly is Life Here

When I describe above information, the purpose was to tell you that it is not cheap to live in Schaumburg. It is because of the reasons I have mentioned already including the fact that people here in Schaumburg pays high taxes. So, keep it in mind that living in Schaumburg is for those who are getting a handsome pay or who are generating a great amount of monthly income. If you ae one of those, then you must apply for the apartment there in Schaumburg to live the rest of your life with ease.

What Else

If you are looking for more information about Schaumburg apartments and living, then you are welcome. Like other popular communities in the United States of America, Schaumburg has many features in it that charm people to live there. For example, the premium pools, sports grounds, fitness centers, pets centers, mega malls, etc. are there in everyone’s reach.