Miranda Lambert Rocks Atlanta With Awesome Joe Walsh Cover [Watch]

Miranda Lambert fans in Atlanta got more than they bargained for at her concert on Saturday night (Jan. 20), when the singer and her band burst into a high-energy cover of the Joe Walsh classic "Rocky Mountain Way."

Click the fan-shot video above to hear the familiar opening riff, which amped up the crowd who turned out at the Infinite Energy Arena in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, Ga., to see one of the early dates of Lambert’s Livin’ Like Hippies Tour.

Lambert struts the stage and does the heavy song justice with a high-octane vocal performance, but the focus of much of the arrangement is her band members — especially her steel player, Spencer Cullum, Jr., who added a jaw-dropping pedal steel recreation of Walsh’s iconic talkbox solo. She took the opportunity to introduce her band to the crowd over the slow, heavy pulse of the beat, and her guitarists also got to strut their stuff in extended slide guitar passages.

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Lambert kicked off her tour in Greenville, S.C., on Jan. 18, and she and her fans have already shared several special moments from the shows via social media, with Lambert showing off her light-up boots on opening night. That same night a fan captured footage of a saucy moment during Lambert’s performance of "Little Red Wagon" in which she appeared to throw a quick dig at ex-husband Blake Shelton by changing one of the lyric lines to, "I got the hell out of Oklahoma," an apparent reference to her sudden relocation after their split.

The Livin’ Like Hippies Tour runs through March 24. Jon Pardi will join Lambert for all 23 tour stops, and select dates will feature Charlie Worsham, Ashley McBryde, Sunny Sweeney, the Steel Woods, Lucie Silvas, Turnpike Troubadours and Brent Cobb.

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How to Easily Find the Right Atlanta GA Housing Option

Are you looking for the right Atlanta GA Housing option? A good house has everything you need. It is conveniently located. However, finding the right house in Atlanta is hard. This is because there are so many houses. And most of these houses look great.

How do you find the right housing option in Atlanta GA? Continue reading to learn more.

1 – Real Estate Agents

Want to buy a house in Atlanta? If so, real estate agents can help you find a good house. These agents sell houses for a living. In fact, most of them have worked in Atlanta for several years. They know the ins and outs of the real estate industry in Atlanta. And they focus on helping their clients find a house that suits their needs.

2 – Real Estate Companies

Visit the offices of the top real estate companies in Atlanta. The best companies have built several properties in Atlanta. It is easy to find the houses they have built. They usually list them on their website. Look at their previous buildings. If you love their houses, you can buy one of them. They can even show you new houses they are building.

3 – Ask Around

Do you know someone living in Atlanta GA? They can help you choose the right house. Most people who have lived in Atlanta for several years know several people houses because they have a lot of friends in this place. They usually meet regularly and they may talk about real estate. These people have heard about different houses so they can recommend the right house.

These tips will help you find the right Atlanta GA housing option. Do not rent a house you cannot afford. Visit the house before renting it. Make sure that it has everything you need.

Should You Rent Atlanta Luxury Apartments Midtown With A Roommate?

When hunting for new place to live, your biggest question is should you share the burdens of renting with a roommate? Atlanta luxury apartments Midtown may be expensive for you to rent on your own, but if you share the rent with a trusted roommate, you could be enjoying a number of benefits apart from savings. Of course, living with someone should never be taken lightly, which is why you need to consider the advantages of hosting a roommate:

*First and foremost, you also share the cost of household essentials and cleaning the home itself. You shouldn’t be the only one stuck vacuuming and wiping down countertops, especially, when you’re living with another able-bodied individual. When you choose your roommate, make sure you choose wisely as you never know how awkward things can get if one of you is constantly cleaning and the other isn’t. You can stay on equal terms with your roommate by both of you pitching in when it comes to household duties and paying for the supplies.

*Having a roommate is ideal if you have a pet you need to take care of. Whether you work different shifts or you’re free to go on vacation, your roommate can help make sure that your pet is well taken care of. Of course, this isn’t something that you should automatically assume your roommate is going to do for you. Always politely ask by taking them out to dinner or exchanging one of their chores for pet sitting.

*Living alone can be dangerous in a city, especially if you’re young and inexperienced. Having a roommate or someone to stay with you on a regular basis can help deter intruders and make sure you’re safe living on your own. If you’re both home and a burglary is about to go down, you can work together to get rid of the imminent threat.

*There’s always the possibility of misplacing your house keys in Atlanta luxury apartments Midtown, in which case, having a roommate can be a blessing. Instead of hiding your entrance keys in strange locations easily found by burglars, your roommate can be the one to help you unlock the door.

*Perhaps the most compelling reason to live with a roommate is to have a friend you can lean on in your time of need. Whether you’ve gotten fired from work or dumped by your partner, a roommate is someone who can be there for you when you’ve just had too much to deal with. It’s so much easier to share the burdens of life when you have someone with you every step of the way.

There are numerous reasons why renting your apartment with a roommate is ideal. You’ll always have a shoulder to cry on and someone who can help you in your time of need, additionally, you’ll also have a friend who can help you split the costs of living in an expensive neighborhood.

Why Schaumburg Apartments are Worthy Enough to Live in

Some people research well before they go to live in apartments and I know it is an appropriate thing to do. Apartments for rent Schaumburg IL are one of the most famous choices these days that people are making. It is because of the many features that the communities in Schaumburg are proposing. If you want to learn some well-known features that you can get by living in Schaumburg, then I hope this article will be of great help for you.

Some Admirable Features of Schaumburg

Almost many of the communities hold this kind of features, but the features that Schaumburg provide are an elite class. Living there is a true example of living in a paradise. Some of the admirable features of Schaumburg apartments are as following.

Fitness Centers

Fitness is the necessity if you want to spend a healthy life. Almost everyone loves to exercise and to work out because it keeps their body smart and minds smarter. So, Schaumburg community apartments provide great fitness centers with a professional physical trainer. They have every latest equipment and research that is important for safety and work out. After having an apartment there, you can grab a membership for a month or a year.

Indoor Pools

Having a pool is a dream for everyone. Having a pool in apartments? What? Yes, the Schaumburg apartments provide you indoor common pools which increase the royalty of living there. So, having a great feature of indoor pools, you can enjoy pooling with your family every day without any restriction. Also, pools are according to the modern designs and safeties. Spending days at apartments like these is worthy to spend money on.


Biking is one of the biggest counted hobbies of American and Schaumburg apartments are just little far from the tracks of bikes. That 80 miles biking trek is something that people love about living in Schaumburg apartments. So, this excited opportunity to gather healthy activities is what people seek most of the time. So, here you have a great chance to make a good living for the rest of your life.

Sports and Activities

Every Elite class community will offer you some great features that can fill your life with charm. Apartments in Schaumburg are the living example of it. They provide full Golf courses that hold professionally, and everyone can contribute. With this kind of activities, your life can be a gift because you may never find these in other communities. Promoting sports like gold in a community is a premium feature.

Other Features

Other features like library, pet care centers, clothing and brands, mega malls, entertainment centers, etc. are what this community will gift you. The way of life will totally change for you if you decide to come to Schaumburg for rent.

So, before choosing any other community, you should keep it in mind that Schaumburg is one of the most famous as well as liked community that provides an apartment for rent. Whatever your need is, you can choose Schaumburg apartments anytime.

Types of Apartments in Schaumburg IL

If you have already decided to live in Schaumburg, and you want to know about apartments for rent Schaumburg IL, then you should know which kind of apartments are here in Schaumburg that you can have. They have divided the apartment types differently, and real estate agencies deal differently according to your profession.

Which types of apartment you need to have depends on the type of your profession. So, I am here to help you describe four different types of apartments that you can have in Schaumburg. You just need to know what kind of apartment you want to take on rent, and you can get an apartment without any trouble.

College Apartments

If you are a college student, and you hate to live in college hostels because of the frustrated living style of your roommate, then worry not. You can find many apartments there which are made the way that a student can afford it easily. Everything that a student need is in the room and you will be able to find parks, ground to play, libraries, and entertainment centers there to spend some quality time. In short everything regarding you, student career will be there for you.

Military Apartments

Many real estate agencies made it easy for a military individual. They had made a software (Which is now online) to find you some great cheap to luxury apartments for those who are in Navy, Airforce, Militia, Marines, etc. You just need to type where your post is right now, and you there will be some apartments for rent which you can select according to your requirement and budget. Choosing the right apartment in Schaumburg is no longer a hard work.

Corporate Apartments

Corporate apartments are for those who are big figures of different corporations. These apartments are totally built the way their lifestyle works. They can travel without any security issues; they can arrange meetings and parties in their apartments. They can make this apartment anything that they want because Schaumburg communities pay a special concern about it. A lot of communities have already gotten awards of it. So, choosing a corporate apartment to live in is something that you will love here in Schaumburg.

Senior Apartments

Have you become a senior adult and want to enjoy all those features that adults can enjoy in one place. Then senior apartments are for you, and this kind of apartments are also not hard to find in Schaumburg. The features includes are outdoor pools, bars, pizza centers, casinos, business planning centers, etc. You will love to be here as a senior adult.

So, after having a look at these all apartments, I think it will be easy for you to select which kind of apartment you want to live in and which is the most suited community in Schaumburg for you. Living in an apartment is one thing, but living joyously is another thing. Schaumburg apartments provide you with the complete opportunity to enjoy your life as much as you can by fulfilling every dream of your life.

Life in Schaumburg IL – What People Love about it

So, are you looking for some apartments to live in Schaumburg and you want to spend remaining days of your life there? Well, you should confirm it because apartments for rent Schaumburg IL are not easy to find because of the beneficial features of these apartments. But before you decide to rent an apartment or a house, you have to know the complete lifestyle and daily living of this place. It is necessary for you to understand where you are going and how you can improve your lifestyle by living there. This article is totally here to describe the life in Schaumburg so that you can decide if this place suits you or not.

What Kind of Job is Most Popular Here?

Living in Schaumburg is all about good living because rents here are high as compared to other communities in the United States of America. So, people want to have a great job here in Schaumburg because companies in Schaumburg pay higher than other communities. For example, Motorola headquarters in Schaumburg has already hired 7000+ employees and the total population here is 73000+ only. It means almost 10% of the total population works at Motorola headquarters. Many of those employees live in Schaumburg apartments and some live outside the community.

Similarly, there are other tycoons like IBM, Zunich North America, etc. which has their headquarters there and people from America love to grab a job there because it is very beneficial for their future regarding everything – From money to security.

Traffic Issues

We as Americans know how bad it is when we talk about traffic. Frustration, road blocks, rushes, etc. I mean everything needs to clarify if we want to solve the issues of Traffic here in America. Same is in the case of Schaumburg because traffic in the whole Chicago sucks and everybody knows it. But there are great train and metro transportation system that saves a lot of your time to travel wherever you want. Also, it provides you time to read your novels or anything like that.

Woodfield Mall

One of the great charms of Schaumburg land is the Woodfield mall that contains almost 285 restaurants and stores, and many of them are usually proper and popular worldwide brands. You can say that many shops are upscale. Living in Schaumburg is about living potentially because you can grab every kind of food, entertainment or every aspect of life enjoyment from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. It is a plus point that people love and want to stay there in Schaumburg.

Sports Awareness

One of the kinds of people loves to stay in Schaumburg and remain there forever because they love sports. Schaumburg has many sports fans there along with great teams. For example Hockey, local teams are very popular among their local fans. Also, when the season of sports like football and baseball starts, they devote most of their time watching it, getting heat, the debate about it and make a lot of fun of each other.


What you should know about Schaumburg IL before Getting an Apartment There

For those who are keen to live there in Schaumburg, it is important to understand what you should know about Schaumburg IL. From the premises to the living style, everything matters to us. So, it will be better for us to know about Schaumburg a little before getting apartments for rent Schaumburg IL. This article totally focuses on everything about Schaumburg IL so that you can learn if you can live there or not.

Suburbs of Schaumburg

First of all, you should know that Schaumburg is a village in the Cook County in the northeastern Illinois. The value of Schaumburg has increased because it is in the suburbs of Chicago – The most loveable and valued state. The other reason of this area to get value is the Golden Corridor where they find Gold mines, and now it has a huge part to build the economy of Illinois. These two reasons are well enough to make Schaumburg a popular place to live.

The geographical location of Schaumburg are also reasonable for residents because the O’ O’Hare International Airport is just in the 10 KM distance from Schaumburg, and the northwest of the Chicago Loop is just 28 KM away from there. So, in general, Schaumburg is a great place to live, and you can enjoy every premium feature of life by living there.


According to 2010 census, the population of Schaumburg is 74,227, but it has increased significantly since then. You can imagine this fact by knowing the number of people works in Schaumburg Motorola center. The number of employees in Motorola unit in Schaumburg is 7000, and most of these people live in Schaumburg because of the easy of transportation and living there.

Including these numbers of 7000, you can add 2500 employees in Zurich North America which is a Swiss insurance firm located in Schaumburg. There are many other top companies holding their headquarters there in Schaumburg including IBM computers. So, you can conclude from this information that Schaumburg is a great and wealthy place to live.

How Costly is Life Here

When I describe above information, the purpose was to tell you that it is not cheap to live in Schaumburg. It is because of the reasons I have mentioned already including the fact that people here in Schaumburg pays high taxes. So, keep it in mind that living in Schaumburg is for those who are getting a handsome pay or who are generating a great amount of monthly income. If you ae one of those, then you must apply for the apartment there in Schaumburg to live the rest of your life with ease.

What Else

If you are looking for more information about Schaumburg apartments and living, then you are welcome. Like other popular communities in the United States of America, Schaumburg has many features in it that charm people to live there. For example, the premium pools, sports grounds, fitness centers, pets centers, mega malls, etc. are there in everyone’s reach.

Are you looking for Apartments in Schaumburg IL for Rent?

Getting an apartment on rent is not an easy option, especially when you want to get it in some special area of your choice. Schaumburg is one of those areas and getting apartments for rent Schaumburg IL is a difficult as well as expensive. It is because of the cook county is in suburbs and cook county is one of the states where gas prices are very high as compared to another part of the world. Also, Cook County is the second most populated county in the whole USA with high paying taxes rations.

So, before making a decision, you have to keep in mind that if you want to settle down at Schaumburg, then you need to have sufficient money to live here. It doesn’t mean that you are just going to pay, the ease of life will be the part of you when you start living in these apartments. There are some factors you have to keep in mind though before you leave to settle down in Schaumburg. Let’s discuss some of the factors you have to make sure.

You Income Status

Well, as living in Schaumburg IL is not as easy as in other parts of the state, you should keep it in mind that your income will decide which kind of lifestyle you will get after moving to Schaumburg. Here is a rough idea for you to make a decision. Try to approach and real estate agency and ask them about the rental prices here in Schaumburg. If your pay or monthly income is four times of that rent, then you can obviously move to Schaumburg apartments. And this is the only way you can get approved to have an apartment in Schaumburg at the first place.

What kind of Job you do

No doubt that it totally depends on this fact that what kind of job you are doing or you want to apply for. Before moving to Schaumburg, make sure if you can get a job there because those jobs are high paying jobs. Many features of Schaumburg area are including high paying jobs as compared to the other part of the state. If you are eligible to get a job there in Schaumburg, then your lifestyle can be changed totally.

And the professionals are always welcomed in Schaumburg for jobs. You will find that many high paying companies in Schaumburg always look for highly skilled staff to hire. So, if you want to enjoy living in Schaumburg area, try to get a job there.

Do you want an Apartment or a House?

Before moving to Schaumburg, make sure where you want to live – in an apartment or a house. It totally depends on your requirement and the budget you have. If you have a big family to take care, then it will be best for you to go to get a house on rent. With a smaller budget, you can start with an apartment and then you can move to a house when you think you are earning enough.

So, whatever you decide to do, but keep these factors in mind before moving Schaumburg IL. It will help you a lot to choose wisely.